Why to choose CPI Spanish Online ?

Active Learning through interactive lessons

Our Online Spanish Program allows students to improve their linguistic ability and increase their knowledge of the Spanish language in a live online classroom enviroment with a highly trained instructor using interactive lessons. The student receives constant feedback from our instructors through excercises and other learning activities during and outside the class.

Face –to-face Videoconference

While online learning may be new to some, our goal isto reduce any concerns or anxiety related toaccessing the technology necessary for the lessons and videoconference. As with our on-site classes, furing the Online class, teachers promote a professional yet relaxed environment with the goal of making learning fun and easy!

Flexible schedules

CPI Spanish Online has developed the live online class model to facilitate your Spanish language learning journey. Schedule flexibility is maximized through classes offered in the morning, afternoon and evening. Additional study materials are available online when needed, providing the student freedom to study at his/her own pace. If the schedule hours are not convenient for you it is possible to work with your professor to find the most convenient time that will work in each of your schedules.

Customized Solutions

Should your goal be to practice conversation after returning home from CPI Spanish Immersion, clarify linguistic doubts or to brush up for a future trip, our highly trained staff can customize the best solution for you.

Combine with CPI Spanish Immersion

You can take CPI Spanish Online prior to your on-site CPI Spanish Immersion or continue practicing the Spanish your learned in Costa Rica hence increasing the value of your educational travel investment by maintaining constant practice in the language.