CPI is the BEST! I have been an online student for over 2 years, and plan to continue. After trying local private teachers in my hometown (which has a large Spanish-speaking population) and classes at a Spanish language school, CPI online is where I learned the most, had the most fun and found the greatest opportunity to study the language… conversation, grammar, structure.

The teachers are really knowledgeable, caring and friendly… they come from various Spanish-speaking countries and all are experienced teachers well-versed in the CPI method. You never have to worry if you’re getting a “good” teacher… they are all good! The administration and staff are accommodating and helpful. There is a well-structured curriculum with plenty of opportunity for practicing skills learned in class. At the same time, when I had special areas I wanted to study in greater depth, in every class my teachers accommodated my needs, providing special “homework” projects. I cannot recommend this program highly enough… whether you are a total beginner or practically fluent… CPI can meet the need. Bottom line is I can speak Spanish now.

Student Patricia

CPI has helped me become comfortably fluent in Spanish. I tried listening to CDs in my car and learned some basics but never got very far. I also took some classes at a local language school, but the times were not always convenient and I had to miss classes when I traveled.

  • When I started taking classes online with CPI my Spanish really excelled. With 1-on-1 instruction, I could schedule the classes to fit into my busy life.
  • CPI taught me "Costa Rican" Spanish, so I learn the local dialogue and accent.
  • Private online courses were the same price as group classes in my hometown, and with CPI I could set the times, topics, and even take my classes when I travel.
  • Taking classes online with CPI helped me stay consistent. I travel a lot for work and have even taken my online classes while in Hawaii and Mexico.
  • My instructor at CPI picks appropriate topics for me, personalizes the classes and helps me learn the vocabulary I really need.
  • My instructor at CPI is very patient and professional. She designs the course work to meet my specific needs and progresses at my speed of learning.
  • Taking online classes with CPI has been the best way for me to learn Spanish.

Thank you CPI for helping me reach my goals of becoming fluent in Spanish.

Student Rich Roe

CPI’s virtual class option is fantastic!  With two young children and a family business, I can’t sneak away to Costa Rica to refresh my Spanish skills right now.  The virtual class fits perfectly into my life.  It keeps my Spanish skills well-tuned and I my teacher is 100% attentive to my needs.  I love having a personal Spanish consultant for when I have doubts about saying or writing something correctly.  The set-up is easy even for those that lack technological savvy.  

I even enrolled my 11 year old daughter in a virtual class.  Lucia has been speaking Spanish her entire life, nonetheless, she needs to sharpen her Spanish reading and writing skills and expand her vocabulary.  The class is tailored to her likes with interesting topics such as dragons and shopping.  Lucia remarkably looks forward to her Monday classes with Bibiana.

Student Lori Anewalt

Before my CPI classes, I had studied Spanish primarily through reading and writing.  However, there is no substitute for participating in conversation in a language one is learning.  In the supportive environment my online CPI classes, I was challenged to go beyond what I thought I could do, and I made significant progress in my Spanish speaking and listening skills.

The teacher of my online class was mature and professional, but fun to talk with.  Each class began with friendly conversation, and then moved to discussions about a topic.   She patiently waited if I needed more time to express my thoughts, and intervened to repeat or give a reminder whenever I needed a little help.   During each class, I was fully immersed in the Spanish language: listening, speaking, reading, and thinking in Spanish!

All the CPI staff members with whom I have studied have demonstrated that they are well-trained and adept at guiding students to accomplish so much in a short time.  I whole-heartedly recommend online language classes through CPI for anyone who is seeking to make great strides in their language learning. 

Student  Sharon Pinder

CPI’s virtual classroom is a great place to practice conversation, understand grammar in context, and build essential vocabulary.  Over the past year I have practiced one on one 2 hours a week with a very adept CPI instructor.  She has that perfect temperament to correct my many Spanish mistakes without making me feel anxious or self-conscious.  She has created lessons to support my individual language needs and goals and she is very open to adapting her curriculum to my learning style and interests.  The virtual platform has worked seamlessly.  Technically speaking, latency is not an issue and the video and audio is sufficient for the purpose.  The technology of the virtual platform works just the way you would expect it to.  For instance, as a translation exercise I will translate a paragraph from English to Spanish from a novel that I am reading.  I will take a picture of the paragraph with my phone and email it along with my Spanish translation to my instructor.  They appear instantly in her email and within moments a picture and a document that I have sent from thousands of miles away are being shared on our computer screens.  We can then correct and refer to both paragraphs together in real time.  She then emails me the corrected and edited work for future review.  The crew of CPI is completely accommodating and supportive so scheduling and enrolling in new classes is easy.  Because of my work schedule I have had to readjust my classes. I simply wrote an email suggesting a new plan and without any issue my new schedule was in place and I am set up with a new course that works for my timing and my language goals.  The virtual aula really puts you in the driver seat of your language program.  I highly recommend it for people like myself who have incredibly busy work and home lives and for those who also have the lifelong goal of becoming fluent in Spanish and know that conversation is the fastest way to gain language proficiency.  CPI’s virtual classroom allows for that authentic human discourse and connection.

Student Tom Kiehfus