Terms And Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Online Classes
General Rules, Refund and Cancellation Policies, and contact information

General rules

It is very important that you carefully read the rules and cancellation policies of the online classes because the classes will follow these policies.

General rules for online classes:

-The student should access the virtual classroom at least 2 days before their first class in order to learn how to work within the system.

-It is the student’s responsibility to make sure they have the necessary technical requirements and internet connection before class begins.  If you need technical assistance you can contact the CPI technical staff during their office hours.  Any technical difficulties during the class are the responsibility of the student and time lost will not be reimbursed.

 -We recommend that during the time of the videoconference there are no other people in your home or office, downloading files, watching videos or playing games in internet, etc, because these activities could interrupt your internet connection and class.

-It is the obligation of the student to be punctual for the videoconference.  If you arrive late your time will not be reimbursed.

-Please keep in mind that the Virtual Campus operates off Costa Rican time and therefore the hours are the same throughout the year and there is no change of schedule.  The student is responsible for reviewing if the season schedules have changed in their region.  If the student misses class because due to a misunderstanding of the time table in their region their time will not be reimbursed. 

-It is strongly recommended that students actively participate in each class. 

-If you have a disability that could affect your performance in this class or that requires additional accommodation, please contact CPI before your class starts so that we can make appropriate arrangements. 

-Students must demonstrate appropriate social behaviors and be committed to work with other students in class; the appropriateness of their behavior is observed by the teacher.  Talking on the phone during class or to a person outside of the class leads to the disconnection of said student’s audio and video.  

Refund and Cancellation Policies:

-If a student pays the course but is unable to start the class, CPI provides a note of credit that must be used within a period of 6 months either in the CPI Online program or in the CPI immersion program. Credit is not transferable to another person. Only in special situations, CPI may consider a refund if a student cannot start classes in any model (immersion or online).

 -Once lessons have begun payment is non-refundable.  CPI does not, under any circumstances, give cash refunds to students who do not or cannot finish the program for which they have registered.

-If the student wants to suspend classes because of an inconvenience in their schedule, the suspension can last no longer than 3 months.  In the case that the student can not restart their classes during the 3 month time frame the program will be terminated without a refund.  In the event that the student restarts their classes within the 3 month time frame, the schedule of their classes is dependent on their professor.  If there is a suspension in group classes the suspension will only be permitted if there is a written consent from all of the students and the reprogramming of classes will be possible at the time the entire group agrees upon within 3 months.

Policies for private class cancellation:


In the event you cannot take a private class, please call the CPI Admissions Office at (506)2265-6306, or send an e-mail to your professor, and please note the following:

More than a 24-hour prior notice of the scheduled class results in class rescheduling.

Less than a 24-hour prior notice to the scheduled class results in loss of class (no rescheduling permitted).

It is the obligation of the student to be punctual for the videoconference.  If you arrive late you will not be reimbursed.

No show results in loss of class. The professor waits for a maximum of 30 minutes following which point the class is determined as a no show.


Policies for group class cancellation:


A no show will result in no class rescheduling / loss of class.  In group classes it is not possible to make up the class; however, the student still has access to the didactic material available in the CPI virtual campus.

If a student arrives late to a group class it is at the discretion of the professor at what point to connect the tardy student to the class, whether immediately or to wait until a group activity has finished.


Contact  Information

Office Location:      CPI Costa Rica

Telephone:              CPI Heredia Office – (506) 2265-63-06


FOR ADMINISTRATIVE ISSUES and assistance in English or Spanish contact the CPI Admissions Department:

E-mail:          info@spanishonline-edu.com

Office Hours:       Monday to Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm (Costa Rica Time)

Telephone:          CPI Heredia Office – (506) 2265-63-06



E-mail:               computo@cpi-edu.com

Office Hours:     Monday to Friday, 7:30 am – 5:00 pm (Costa Rica Time)

Telephone:        CPI Heredia Office – (506) 2265-63-06

If you need your technical support in English contact us through live Chat.

FOR ACADEMIC ISSUES: Contact your professor. S/he will provide you his/her e-mail before the course starts. The communication with the professor must be in Spanish.